Chrysler showed its new hybrid conceptcar: ecoVoyager !

21 01 2008

Every family’s car is driving everything. Big trunk, opportunities transformation salon, individual holder, gloves and spectacle case for each passenger… one word – everything. But sometimes the car very difficult to bear the burden of family, and the on-board computer shows is not that fuel consumption, which promised manufacturers.

And modern petrol and diesel engines very economical albeit little, but spent fuel. That’s the car world is trying to solve this problem by reducing spending. And each car – their way. For example, Chrysler made mix of electricity and hydrogen.

The length of the wheel base concept is equal to 2.9 meters, while the total length of the machine – 4.85 meters.

Being driven force for all the latest features companies like the principle of building the engine chosen for the prototype ecoVoyager – driving future. Fuel cell thing at a total capacity of 60 power charges kit lithium-ion batteries. But recent enough energy to provide meals electric. He, in turn, gives nothing less than 268 forces.

And that was sufficient to “shoot” from place to “hundreds” in less than nine seconds, and reach a maximum speed equal to 185 kilometer per hour. Main not forget that the reserve is not limitless. At full petrol tank ecoVoyager can wind 483 kilometre run.
Developers not only futuristichen, but still looks quite expensive. “Wine” Volume shiny leather and wood inserts.

What’s interesting, the creators of a prototype not only thought about the practicality of the machine, but also tried to conform to the manufacturer’s status expensive cars. This is especially noticeable on the interior decoration and design. If not compare with the yacht or private aircraft, the exact decent living room anymore.
Using only electricity, Chrysler ecoVoyager can travel 64 kilometres.

With a full order of practicality. In the car fit not only handbags, but also a whole bicycle. And from the comfort of passengers do not lose, everyone – individual headphones, the ability to heat or cool their drinks and even whole heap.
The driver will not be too boring. Using cameras, it gets kind of rear image on the display, located in the central console. But for all the joy Chrysler provided their offspring transparent roof. EcoVoyager already formally presented at the Detroit Motor Show opens in, embarked on the podium side by side with the same “green” Dodge ZEO. So, despite all the problems that concern the American looks to the future with confidence.




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