Edo Competition has developed its first program for the Audi R8.

21 01 2008

Tuning company Edo Competition is a very thoughtful approach. It did not fly forward with the head pieces, similar offering for the new machines is augmented motors and other extreme solutions. Instead, the Germans first display on the market easiest version, incidentally devising “charged” modification.

Another became a test Audi R8. The choice of Edo Competition is not surprising, given the good demand for this car and the fact that the company already tuning walls “were trained like” noble skoroxod Maserati MC12, Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano or a Porsche Carrera GT.

In addition to “release”, Edo Competition offers for the Audi R8 20 – inch wheels with forged hub and small decorative parts made of carbon.

In Edo Competition decided that the staffing sound of the exhaust system Audi R8 is not in line with its capacity, and added to its brand coupe “exhaust”. So, in addition to “a beautiful voice”, R8 has received 22 additional horses forces and 20 newton-meters (there are 442 and 450 respectively). In addition, the new release is easier to 8 kilograms.

Acceleration “0-100” dropped to 4.5 seconds and a maximum speed increased to 310 kilometres per hour. But this is a limit to the Edo Competition? Besides greatly raised the level of their competitors from MTM, which increased motor “R8 to 888 power horses.”



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3 05 2008


Ok, I’m not in complete agreement with this, but I see your point. Thanks for sharing….

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