New Dodge Ram !!

21 01 2008

For many well-off American farmers Dodge Ram for years to be the number one car. One and a half dozen pigs or ton of bricks from place to place, it take the left one. And if the family wants to dash there and back on the weekend to Lake, Dodge and universal fulfil this task with pleasure.Interior is one hundred per cent passenger.

USA car is inherently very conservative and rarely make substantial upgrade, especially not modest – pick-up truck. But sometimes fans are encouraged engineers сhassis and the issuance of limited special version. That’s Dodge once again decided to bring a gift all who likes Ram. Chrysler engineers recently nights not sleeping, but did have time to release an updated version of the showroom Detroit’s giant Ram 1500.

5,7-liter HEMI after finalizing received 380 instead of 330 forces, and the time has risen to 548 newton-meters. Now up to 60 mph (97 km / h) motor dokidyvaet “ing” Ram pick-up truck in just 6.1 seconds.
There is no need to be so careful to notice changes in his face. But new optics, a new radiator grill, bumpers and increased quantity of chromium is not the main thing in the renewed pick-up truck. Constructors tightly enough and worked on the technical part.

RamBox system offered as an option, would best accommodate luggage in the body.

In addition to the upgraded 380 – and 310 – forces and “gasoline much eats” “HEMI”, which may be switched off if no longer half of the cylinders, updated AWD receive turbo dizel Ram 1500 Cummins. No company in this is not going to stop. Already in 2010 it plans to issue in circulation Ram hybrid.
Those who fight for comfort, with the next model year will be able to buy a car from the rear spring suspension.

Chassis also not gone unheeded. Now consumers will be able to buy not only the pick-up truck rear axle suspension, but with a new spring-loaded “manylevel”. In the body has too there are some changes. And most importantly of them – a new rack-RamBox organizer, which can be set to pick-up option.

Designers interiors remade, added a couple of refrigerated boxes and additional pockets for every small things. Instead of a two-conditioner here now twozone “climate”.

Updated Dodge Ram 2009 – the first year the model will come to American dealers this fall, when he will appear in Canada. Wilco prices producers have not raised, but instinct dictates that the value will not change much.




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