Unique Shelby GT500KR with Glass Roof !!!

21 01 2008

A one-of-a-kind 2008 Ford Shelby GT500KR will go on the block at this year’s Barrett-Jackson auction: the only “King of the Road” model to feature a full glass roof.

The 540-horsepower Shelby GT500KR on the block at Barrett-Jackson is a unique rendition of the most powerful factory-built Mustang ever. Shelby GT500KR production began in Las Vegas on 11 Jan Carroll Shelby’s 85th Birthday. The one-of-a black ebony GT500KR auction will be in the spotlight on a roof, that the glass is the option on 2009 Mustang V-6 Mustang GT models only.

More photo there, please click this link below !
The roof is made of glass roof, a third option for the customers and their growing desire for more than the natural light. The glass is tinted, reduces both the infrared rays, and the vehicle cool down time by 50 percent. Production of large Headliners systems rose by nearly 200 percent in North America since 2003, according to just-autos.com.

While the interface characteristics Shelby GT500KR race scratches on the roof, the glass roof has unique properties that for a model of the auction strips engraved in the glass.

“Barrett-Jackson is a rare opportunity for a bidder a chance to have a Shelby GT500KR with a roof made of glass, a car no one else can buy,” said Carroll Shelby. “It was too long, but I am very glad that the” King of the Road “back”.

“Only the Ford Motor Company and Shelby sold authentic American Ford Shelby vehicles supplies, the Barrett-Jackson auction over the past 36 years,” said Craig Jackson, Chairman / CEO of the Barrett-Jackson Auction Co. “I am proud of what Ford and Carroll Shelby has been selling one-of-a-type 2008 Shelby GT500KR cut in our auctions, where only the most beautiful, genuine Shelby vehicles offered to the public. ”




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