Citroen C5 Public Debut at Brussels

24 01 2008

Of course, most journalists have flocked to Detroit to attend and report on the biggest car show in North America. No wonder Brussels Car Show world premiere was mostly unnoticed outside the Benelux.


Two cars have received special attention, the new Combi Nemo and the newly C5 sedan, which we had hoped to have seen in Frankfurt in September. The Citroen C5 is the hope of becoming long-term M2 leader in the segment of the mid-size sedans top of the range, ie Ford Mondeo, Renault Laguna and the forthcoming Opel Insignia.

For the first time on the C5, as it uses running gear Citroën C6, it is available either with the comfort of Hydractive suspension 3 More metal or a suspension system for a rigid.

The Citroen C5 will be launched in spring 2008 and will be offered with a wide choice of engines, gasoline and diesel, safety features without compromise and fantasy technologies.

More photos there!!!







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