Is BWM 1 Series tii Ready for Production or NO ?!

28 01 2008

Few BMW vehicles were more expensive than the 2002 tii. This is so true that BMW has chosen the car to show that it can rebuild classic of one of its vehicles with only spare parts, in 2006 and has also been used as a source of inspiration for the BMW Series 1 tii Coupe Concept, presented at the Tokyo Motor Show. Natural decision, as it is a BMW car fans are eager to buy again. The good news is that it appears that the production version of the concept car was spotted in Germany by the site

Although there is no information as well as photographs, many features are exactly the same for the BMW Series 1 Coupe Concept tii presented for the first time, such as wheels, sport bucket seats with Alcantara lid, rear portion of the dam and air components stretcher. Some may think all of this equipment could be purchased from tuners, but not drive with the small screen on top. It was quietly introduced in Detroit, according to the original category. Considering the auto show ends today, nobody would have had time to develop a similar driving so fast.

More foto there!!!

No technical specification has been published for the BMW 1 Series Coupe Concept tii apart from the size of the wheels (18 inches) and a small decrease in the mass, in order to make the car run faster, but we can bet on the same engine used by the 135i, a six-cylinder in-line biturbo which provides 306 hp. Can-2002 tii more…



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