Nissan Lineup For Geneva Announced

7 02 2008

The first day is hardly in a box at the Chicago Auto Show, Nissan and already tried to draw attention to their booth at the next month in Geneva. While this would make sense if the Nissan announces the unveiling of something new, unique and / or specific, but not to be the case.
Last year, Nissan presents the second generation of the highly successful X-Trail SUV in Switzerland. This wise decision was accelerated by the major European annual sales of the X-Trail. Barring any surprises from the Japanese car manufacturers, car manufacturers will continue their three most talked about models in the last year to the state, but there is no world premieres at the fair.
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Fanboys will focus around the Nissan GT-R during the entire duration of the fair, 20-somethings and families with the new Nissan Murano and curious observers will try to find out what Nissan engineers were smoking when they Nissan Pivo II All three are the European debuts.
At the fair, we will have more details about the Murano, which is on sale in Europe this October. And we are excited about the euro specifications and prices for the GT-R, which announced in Geneva. I suspect, Nissan has some news, after all.





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