Volkswagen Routan Unveiled at Chicago Auto Show

7 02 2008

Volkswagen Routan new minivan, from a joint venture with Chrysler, was officially unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show today. Hartnäckiger fans of the VW Microbus, and Vanagon Eurovan, the hope for something less conventional disappointed, even if only very conservative Routan resembles Chrysler in the silhouette. Front and rear clips are all Volkswagen, with a touch of Rabbit Touareg up front and the rear, and the interior has also been redesigned with better materials and a more European look than the Chrysler, which it is based. Volkswagen has also restructured to make the suspension of Routan more in-the-family vehicle dynamics. How different is this really from the Town & Country, we will not know until a test drive.

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Engine choices are all V6, with a standard 3.8 liter, 197 horsepower and an optional 4.0-liter, 253-horse. Traction control and ESP stability control are standard equipment. A navigation system with a touch-screen display, a power-folding third row seat, and a power liftgate with a flood light will also be offered. It is expected that prices start at $ 25000, under the Routan goes on sale.






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