Alfa Romeo Duetto Will Get Back to Life …

11 02 2008

2008 will be marked as the year Alfa Romeo will return to the USA. The car chosen for this task could not be better, 8C Competizione, a fantastic rear-wheel drive sports car powered by a V8 engine capable of producing 450 hp. Anyway, since it will have a limited edition of 500 units, and is not really cheap (on the contrary), Alfa could not build on it for over a reintroduction on the largest automobile market in the world. Become a host needs more than that. Known or at least familiar faces are increasingly welcomed, and Alfa one of the most expensive in the United States is about to come back to life: the Duetto. You may already have an idea about what it will look like the illustration of the exclusivity of Road & Track magazine.
Although there is much speculation about the date of submission (2009 2010), the truth is the Duetto, also known as Spider, is very Familière Americans, especially those who love cinema (know – sure that everything is not?). With Dustin Hoffman, this low, and many small roadster was one of the stars of “The Graduate” film. The car is original 1966 said at the last work of art on wheels Battista “Pinin ‘Farina participated. There are so many good memories of Alfa he could not leave the name of the past. But there is also bad news of the car will face.

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Reliability is a key. In the film, the character Dustin Hoffman, Benjamin, almost Elaine fails to prevent it from getting married because of a fuel gauge did not show that the level of fuel properly. He runs out of gas and has to go to the wedding on foot. It was said to be a common problem, and the Italian car manufacturer does not want its cars to be known because of this.

Duetto the new basis will probably be the same used for the replacement of 147, 149 or, Fiat Bravo platform. Engines can vary from 1.4 litre four-cylinder turbo, which generates 150 hp at the 2, 2 JTS, capable of providing 185 hp. The new roadster is expected to be about 4.30 m in length. Former CEO of Alfa Romeo Antonio Baravelle said it would be a small car, but we have to take into consideration, it probably means that the standards for American and non-European.

Since Bravo is a front-wheel drive vehicle, the new Duetto may not be a rear-wheel drive roadster, as was the original, but we want to build on a system of wheel-drive, which can be used also in the version of the Lancia Integrale The next Delta, which shares its platform with Fiat Bravo. Since the 149 is expected in mid-2009, the new vehicle of the release date will most likely be in Alfa Romeo’s centennial, or by 2010. Duetto will surely be the name chosen for the new car, given the spider is already in use for the roadster version of the Brera.





3 responses

18 02 2008

this is nice car

6 05 2008

I like Alfa Romeo. this car sit on it own standard.

15 01 2009
Enrico Rolotti

The new Duetto. I´m dreaming whit it. The question is when…?

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