New Mercedes CLK-Class: Latest Pics (spy foto)

11 02 2008

The next CLK-Class is now testing ice in Sweden. Our sorce can confirm that, and you too, by glancing at the picture above. We have certainly seen before testing in Stuttgart, but now is a chance to ice Sweden.


What new CLK on this? Since you already know just about everything – range of engines, transmission, possible 4Matic AWD, gadgets and so forth, maybe you want to know what kind of hat he sports? It seems bucking the trend is the new way Merc, with a soft-top roof come later in time for summer 2009. This at a time when main rival BMW is doing things the hard way, so to speak, with coupe cabriolets that were best known in Mercedes-Benz productions such as SL and SLK.

Read more(spy foto)!!!

In addition to this, we have traces which show the possibility of appearance of the car over. Here, you can do with the way the current S-Class has influenced everything else underneath, even if S is doing all around smooth lines, as opposed to the sharp pointy forms of C, SL, CL, and CLK now .


CLK has always had the greatest potential of all four-seat sports more Mercs. So Merc will provide the Agility too advanced on the pack, which greatly improves the ability to turn and help make cars very unMerc.



Check out and their line of Mercedes Wheels




14 responses

8 05 2008
23 10 2008

hi my name is gostavo i need some information about thr clk 2008 car mredes and send it to my email thanks

15 01 2009
abdul arifin

nice review..
can u give me more information about clk 2008??
send me to email…thank u

25 01 2009

it made me jizz

13 03 2009


17 05 2009

your car is a faliure. bmw is the best…

3 08 2010

Wrong, Mercedes out runs BMW (Black Mans Willy) By miles!

1 08 2009
John Wolfe

Why is it that I am unable to purchase a new Mercedes CLK Coupe from any mercedes dealerships they all say that they are no longer in production and yet here you are advertising the very car I want on this web site.
Please reply
John Wolfe

28 09 2009
bmw sucks

bmw lowers can all die, Mercs rule!

4 10 2009
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13 02 2011

Finally a new clk,,thats got wider window space, more vision, goodness knows why, all car makers seem to make the side windows so narrow, meaning less vision ????Another thing,,, why is it almost impossble to get a cream interior, with out having to order it?? and WAIT 3 MONTHS for it to get to NEW ZEALAND ???????
Do mercedes NEW ZEALAND actually have an answer for this???

13 03 2011


25 09 2014

New Mercedes CLK-Class: Latest Pics (spy foto) | It’s your auto world :: New cars, auto news, reviews, photos, videos …

22 10 2014
xe audi rẻ nhất

xe audi rẻ nhất

New Mercedes CLK-Class: Latest Pics (spy foto) | It’s your auto world :: New cars, auto news, reviews, photos, videos …

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