Porsche Panamera Spied ahead of Geneva autoshow (video)

15 02 2008

Unless our photographer spyware were impressed by Porsche, and has now by the other side, the Porsche Panamera video looks like a marketing tool to Porsche Geneva. No, they need; Panamera will probably sell itself somehow. As a young man with a hidden camera can detect the same car in the same area three different time points is not normal in our company.

Is not bad, take a look for yourself and see Panamera not, go on a public road. If you go to Planet ignorance of the past year and ask themselves what it means, in the name of Porsche Panamera is, I thee to a little care. It is the rival of high-end performance of four models from the door of customers such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Panamera is in the second four doors after the Porsche Cayenne and the hope that the customers want, a “family”, but not necessarily as Porsche travel by offering the Cayenne.

A series of powerful engines will be standard, including the hybrid form, the same are in the region of Cayenne.



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