Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe Revealed ahead of Geneva autoshow

17 02 2008

Rolls-Royce, to their first coupe model for more than a decade next month in Geneva. The Phantom coupe is a new, dynamic phantom driver-oriented model, which continues to radiate his limousine couterpart’s level of comfort and offer new modifications for a more concise package.
Drawing largely on the design of the drop-top drop-head coupe siblings and 101EX concept car predecessor, the new coupe brings high-end technology to a timeless design in its execution. Along with the limousine, the new model has the Phantom of the 6.75-litre V12, 453 hp and 720 Nm produces torque. But unusually, an increase of 25 percent fuel capacity has been achieved over the head drop, turning a long-legged cruiser to a “transcontinental ‘share.

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Dynamics is of great importance to the new Phantom coupe, the brand, the Phantom of the dynamic drive “is a step forward.” Improved ride comfort and handling, by the way, an improved chassis and new lightweight aluminum components, while the strong alloy, and single-span roof without a B-pillar re-inforces security credentials to produce “the torsionally rigid Rolls-Royce always ‘.
Transferring from idea to production is that the brushed steel finish, as one of two 100EX and 101EX concept vehicles. Bonnet and A-pillars are now available in this conclusion on the new coupe, while the lower tailgate doubles as a seat, as a platform for two reduced. Luggage space is reduced by 80 litres to 395 in the drop-Head.
“The coupe has been designed and developed as the most dynamic interpretation of our values,” says Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Chairman and Chief Executive, Ian Robertson. “Our 2007 sales figures show how successful the entire model range with a rise of 25 percent over the previous year.”






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21 10 2014
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xe ford fiesta tdci 2014

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