Next BMW 5 Series Sedan and Wagon Testing again (spy foto)

18 02 2008

BMW is planning its audit in the mid-exec sedan and its derivatives, for sale in 2010. A new prototype has been caught testing in Munich, recently in Germany, and its hidden form suggests resides, BMW with the “flame levelling” style, which they so much money in the last five years.
Code F10, the new Fiver seems certain design elements of the series and 7, while the probability of a weakened Bangle / Hooydonk as in the current Series 3 Countless engines will, as always, from petrol / gasoline-powered models ansaugenden essences turbo and diesel engines. We look forward to at least two new engines, its beginnings with the 2010 5 Series, one of them a small turbo gasoline and the other higher, larger turbo.
Read more(foto)!!!


M Department also worked hard to walk to exceed the new Audi RS 6 with V10 engine from 573 hp turbo-charged diesel (427kW) is currently higher the energy of the graphics in a position in which the three “usual suspects” are affected Teutons . M5 doubt the game itself to exceed. At least 600 bhp, but the question is: Can it be organic or we will see the first car turbo accused M?
Such a solution is not out of the question, because of the development in Formula One, the environment, etc. BMW has in the past has 627 kW / 468kW at an engine from 6.1 liters; irrepressible for McLaren F1.





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13 02 2010

toooooooooo bad

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