2008 Mercedes SLK Accessory Lineup Announced

20 02 2008

Mercedes comes from the line of accessories for the SLK 2008. With the new SLK straight from the package, Mercedes has been to ensure that the owners can customize the little roadster for every requirement. As in the past, a number of accessories, dealer installed, off skis updated infotainment systems. Some of the SLK factory parts are well synchronized, based on the options list, omissions and for the maintenance of the competitiveness SLK.
Styling first come, of course, with chrome wheels and Incenio kits for the seal grille, bumpers and mirrors. The wheels are Korsunia, five three-spoke design 18-inch and 17-inch Kikuchi five double-rays. The two wheels are staggered from front to rear.

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An active lifestyle is not the sole province of the owner of a sports Nutzfahrzeuges, of course, if Mercedes has a roof truss for the new SLK. Similar to the past, cargo racks, the freight forwarders Alustyle with the SLK-A and on the back side of the bridge, and can be fitted to the skis, bicycles, skis on the snow or aerodynamic load up top boxes. Thus equipped, the SLK, the couple up to six skiing, snow boards with four or three bicycles.
For inside, Mercedes offers a limited set windblocker three coins made of polycarbonate with a middle section. The totality of the projects and the noise of the wind at high speed, comes with its own storage bag made of nylon, and is strangely on a serial production of the 1171st Enluminés threshold of stainless steel plates are also available.
There is not much hope for luxury cars, which no MP3 player or Bluetooth connection. To update the infotainment systems SLK Mercedes now offers a Bluetooth module for the phone, which connects to wireless phones. It is through the control of the SLK-wheel and dashboard. A Media Interface Kit allows portable MP3 player can be connected via a USB port or at the exit auxiliary engine, and there’s an iPod jack available, the specific connects your iPod in the car and audio.



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