Alfa Romeo Brera and Spider Facelift Revealed

22 02 2008

A few days ago, we have recast with the Alfa Romeo 159 sedan and family rooms. Alfa seems very affûté this time, they have two more Liftings today – the beautiful Brera Spider and surprising. Like 159, the changes are quite subtle, but important around.
Mainly, the considerable weight of the vehicles has been reduced by the use of light alloy wheels, suspension parts made of aluminium, aluminium and Bremszangen mono-block brake.

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External changes include the introduction of a new color (white), with a new 10-spoke 18-inch wheels. Inside, the seats are sporty and ergonomic, and like in the 159 and the scoreboard has many new things, including the recasting of controls for the two climate zones of control system, the new satellite navigation systems and more.
What in the center, the customer can choose between the new 2.2-liter 185 hp and six cylinders with 3.2-litre petrol engine with 260 hp, or go to the outgoing 210/200 hp 2.4-litre diesel JTDM engine.




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16 10 2014
xe fiat cu gia bao nhieu

xe fiat cu gia bao nhieu

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