Black Bugatti Veyron for Sale on eBay!!!

22 02 2008

Such opportunities do not come too often. Keen on a Bugatti Veyron black? Well now your chance, you have at least a fairly cool $ 1850000 USD. The vehicle is based in California, and I am sure that the mass clambering Hollywood is the key.
I am not only the dealer is very wary If all pneumatic test drivers who come to see the vehicle. 1001bhp must be treated with respect, and the average rock star to Hollywood movie star is without doubt the resolve to lack the necessary level of expertise driver for the administration of these 8.0L, 64 valves quad turbo W16 road rocket.

Read more(foto)!!!

Apparently, it is the first “Solid” Color Veyron they had in the exhibition room, there to think that this is not the first Bugatti Veyron, they had to sell! Even if you can not afford this piece of exoticism, you can, at least on these images, we at.

Happy perusing. Or is it happy to dream?




7 responses

24 05 2008

If you are serious about selling this beast… You will call me ASAP. I will also call another dealer in the East to verify miles, Etc.


9 09 2008


24 09 2008

hahaha learn how to speak english before you try to scam people. hahaha

23 04 2009
lil jay

dis shit is a nice car but wat is wrong wit it

24 10 2011

This car is very beautiful

15 06 2013

I so much love bugatti

8 06 2015
Samoan Goddess 😻 .

Reblogged this on Samoan | 💙 and commented:
It’s Soooo .. BEAUTIFUL 😻😭 !!!

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