Damage for the Earth: Science magazine declares ethanol worse than fossil fuels !!!

22 02 2008

the_problem_with_ethanol.jpgJon Markman MSN Money does not back when he says that “on the basis of maize for the production of ethanol is sure to go down as one of the biggest mistake ever in the energy policy of the United States.” That is all the more when he wrote “replacement for fossil fuels to ethanol from corn to double the emissions of greenhouse gases over the next three decades. The studies show that switchgrass, an alternative to ethanol, more than weed, that the factory would lead to increased emissions by 50%. ”

The problem is not with the car, is the problem with what you need in order to develop, primarily biofuel. Distance from the Earth, the harvesting and refining, and the loss of forests and soils and habitats of wild, amounts to a fingerprint create worse than the fossil fuels. According to the scientific article, though, poses an extreme scenario would have 423 years for the carbon, even if the debt of Indonesia bogs were fields of palm oil.

The search begins in the people, a pause, as the people of the European Union, which said they wanted to ten percent of the transportation fuel come from plants. Joe Fargione, and the US-Nature Conservancy asks: “Does it make sense? … [S] urprisingly, the answer is” no “. This nature reserves much carbon store these results in the cultures of tons of carbon emitted into the atmosphere.”




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that is amazing

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