BMW + Google: World Debut for Unrestricted Internet Use at Geneva

23 02 2008

BMW’s stand at Geneva show a special-purpose vehicle that is fully capable of the Internet. Using a BMW ConnectedDrive calls, users will be able to complete a wide range of tasks online, simply by moving their mouse around. In this case, the mouse is not the type, but BMW iDrive knob.
Surfing the web is apparently very easy. Like a machine as a laptop PC with Windows or Mac, Internet surfing involves typing in URLs to visit web addresses. This is possible. And maybe saving favorite sites, as on your computer. BMW has set up a special server to manage the expected influx of Internet use. They therefore guarantee rapid connetions using EDGE technology, which is up to four times faster than GPRS. Unless there are additional screens at the rear DVD, the Internet will stop once the vehicle exceeds 5 km / h, standard safety measure in most factories equipped TV / DVD in vehicles entertainment and information systems.

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The technology is able to download Google Maps from other machines, which can then be used as direct shipping destinations. Although ConnectedDrive will be on view at the Geneva Motor Show, it is going public in late 2008, where guests will be able to check one option but ordered their cars. At the factory, the system will be fitted before it gets to the buyer.




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