Maybach Landaulet: Green-Lighted for Production

23 02 2008

In a move that will not surprise many people, Maybach has approved the scandalous Landaulet open-top sedan for production. The 62 S-based Landaulet design study was presented for the first time in November last year, and his open cabin coupled with a driver of the closed area harkened classic luxury in the era of the mark which draws its name. Reaction supported the Landaulet at auto shows have led to its production.
As evidenced by car, the hand-built Landaulet will be based on the Maybach 62 S. The fifth line model Maybach obvious distinction comes from the rear of the roof, which was replaced by a soft power and glass top. Two exterior colours are available: Black or Baltic Silver Nevada. The 20-inch wheels can be polished or match the color of the body. Interior treatments are just as limited, with three choices of leather lining and two finishes. The Landaulet can also be used with custom paint and interior trim as any Maybach. The Landaulet the passenger is subtly upgraded, with a wind deflector and the largest rear headrests which also reduce turbulence. The bi-turbo V12 engine is also a slight boost power to 450.

Maybach has Landaulet price to EUR 900000 ($ 1.35 million US), and it is a limited production model, of course. The first Maybach Landaulets main will be constructed in the fall of 2008.




3 responses

19 10 2008
maybach 57

thank you very much

23 10 2008
friday chellah

my god is that real life ?

3 07 2013

omg $ 1.35 million US

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