Audi Q5 Prototype (spy photos)

26 02 2008

“Sometimes it’s really hard to be a spy car,” says our man behind these spy photos Audi Q5. “There were two prototypes of the Q5 off late Sunday evening. Who accompanied them are about 5 cars control of the roads ahead, and looking out for photographers. Consequently, I did not get a front shot. Better luck next time. ”
All the time around the world, it is cold and snowing somewhere. Therefore, our spy guy will be more alert, hiding behind the bushes obscure or levitating inside a garbage waiting to jump on the car manufacturers who unsuspecting innocent on a midnight drive. Yeah, sure. Snap! Gotcha!

Read more(foto)!!!

We know a lot about the Audi Q5 – one below Q7 big daddy – now, we even have a clue as to when it will make its debut worldwide. One of the peaks resemble the diesel version, the more likely 3.0TDI, although I do not want to write off the new 750Nm, 4.2 TDI, given his word here too.





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17 03 2008
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[…] 17 03 2008 Audi Q5 dominated the headlines about a month, when several so-called “first pictures” of the five-seater SUV found their way through the various online sites. It was originally […]

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