Mitsubishi Lancer Prototype-S: Hot Hatch Images Leaked

26 02 2008
Oh, my love Geneva, you will never cease? Look how Mitsubishi is the story of the turf after a few weeks. Seems the Lancer sedan, the least in prototype S-shape, is shown as a basic food for the consumption of Geneva. We have the first Internet-officials fled the pictures of what will come, and Subaru Impreza male was better.
Probably be back as a sport, Lancer is in the market, with a 180 kW / 241 PS and 2.0-litre engine 343Nm, the same as the Evo X weakened, but to interact with customers such as Focus ST, Mazda3 MPS and Astra OPC. The direct competitor is more naturally the Impreza WRX.

Read more(foto)!!!
The combination of his system 4RM, and the double clutch of the box OSH should dragster something to remember, in this class car.







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