Official Release: Chrysler 300C SRT Diesel

26 02 2008

It seems even the Chrysler 300C mobster crew receive all environmentally on us. Why, it becomes a diesel engine.
Let’s face it, the U.S. auto industry is not exactly known for producing the most environmentally friendly automobiles for the world. Stateside gas is cheap, even with recent increases because of oil prices, it is still relatively cheap compared to most other developed regions of the world. GM, Ford and Chrysler generally build larger vehicles that run on gasoline for domestic markets where 25 mpg is considered quite frugal.

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Europe is another pair of fish. Fuel is very expensive to both petrol and diesel prices were considerably higher than most other parts of the world. Most car manufacturers now offer alternatives to diesel in most of their range that customers ask for a better economy, and it is not only the end of the plant family of transport that benefit no longer. BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Jaguar, even now offer a super advanced diesel engine options in their highest specifications of luxury limousines. 150 mph performance and 40mpg combined cycle of the economy are now achievable.
Chrysler is a little late in the game. Although they offered an alternative to diesel in most of Europe since 2005, they have eluded the British market. Nevertheless, Chysler have sold their big 300C sedan in the United Kingdom with reasonable success. New owners, Cerberus, are seeking to improve the United Kingdom branch of the company and achieve a competitive diesel engine option is a now a must in Britain. Not only did the car get a V6 diesel 3.0L 215hp option, it gets a refresh all round, which focuses mainly on the back and inside. Chrysler is expected to be the hope of an improvement in sales for the 300C with the introduction of this engine. Read on for details.




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