Audi Q7 Coastline Concept at Geneva autoshow

3 03 2008

Do not be alarmed by the accompanying images of the V12 TDI Audi Q7. FMC has not gone sinkers on you, we have not become a site of floating, in a manner of speaking. The Q7 V12 TDI Coastline Concept is designed for the majority of those who may not be able to afford the next seven steps with a view to buying a real luxury yacht.
For this small crowd of us, served Audi Q7 until the V12 TDI concept, a study in the mixture of water and oil. The vehicle is the same V12 TDI seen elsewhere in these pages, with several important distinctions visual. The wood can be seen throughout the interior is a reflection of his name from coast, while the white special overlay is intended to create a pearl effect of the polar regions.

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Several keys wood are obvious, including the gear lever, rear cargo space and the interior door sills. This is waxed wood, as opposed to be varnished added that the ocean sort of feel to it. Pushing forward the coast of the island is an engine V12 TDI blasting to 368kW and 1000Nm of torque.


Click to view big foto:

audi_q7_concept_3.jpg audi_q7_concept_4.jpg




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