BRABUS BULLIT black arrow Debuts at Geneva autoshow (photos, details)

3 03 2008

For the few people who thought the Mercedes C 63 AMG with 457 hp and 600 Nm of torque was not enough, Brabus has the answer. The company is the Geneva Auto Show on its C-class based Bullit Black Arrow. Driven by a Brabus V12 biturbo, produces 720 hp and 974 lb-ft of torque, the car takes 3.9 seconds to from 0-62 mph while top speed is more than 225 mph.
Other performance upgrades to the Black Arrow also a modified five-speed gearbox, rear locking differential, aerodynamic improvements, improved brakes, and an adjustable rear suspension. The car has an aluminum hood with ventilation slots and Brabus wheels with high-performance tires.

Read more(foto)!!!
On the inside leather covers virtually everything, while custom sport seats with carbon fiber rear covers add a sporty impression. Carbon-fiber trim is also available on the center console, doors and dashboard.
Distinguishing the Bullit Black Arrow from last year is a special Bullit matte-black exterior. Prices start at 348000 euros and cars will be built on request.

Click to see big foto:

brabus_bullit_black_arrow_3.jpg brabus_bullit_black_arrow_4.jpg brabus_bullit_black_arrow_5.jpg

brabus_bullit_black_arrow_6.jpg brabus_bullit_black_arrow_8.jpg brabus_bullit_black_arrow_7.jpg




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5 03 2008
geneva auto show

geneva is great this year so far. already looking forward to next year.

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