Koenigsegg Edition CCX and CCXR limited edition (photo)

6 03 2008

Koenigsegg owners should be the most sadistic bunch there. Why? Because they have put Koenigsegg, making these two special edition models CCXR CCX and by request. How painful experience, it must have been for the Swedes to the creation of such twins to the specs they boast.
Both have carbon wheels, amplifiers, or Satnav Bluetooth, a camera back for those of us whose skills parking go as far as our pinky fingers, and matched carpet. Do not skip even at the end, the technical specifications are en route, I am just trying to work my way towards them, just to make sure that I am not seeing things here.

Read more(foto)!!!

Right. The carbon fiber body of the great compliments wing and design of the chassis lowered. So, are these cars that only 14 of the CCX are made available, while CCXR be as rare as an honest politician.
We move from the sauce and meat. CCX is the base model, base you can get insofar Koenigsegg is concerned. The same 4.8-litre V8 original cast aluminium is used for heavy duty wheel-spin on both cars. Accompanying it are two supercharging blowing harder than Little Red Riding Hood’s proverbial wolf, forcing 888 bhp / 662kW and some 920Nm of torque to the wheels. Zero – 100 km / h is dispatched in two blinks of an eye, at 2.9 seconds, short of speed shortly after 400 km / h.
CCXR big brother is a notch up, offering only 6 examples in the entire universe. These 6 lucky customers, one of the people who can gather at the Geneva Motor Show where cars must be parked, will each car with 1018 bhp / 759kW, 1060Nm from the Eiffel Tower-pulling torque. They also collect a free driving course, even though some need more than others. Sprint hours are from 0 to 100 kph in 2.9 seconds, top speed reached 417 km / h. As a fanatic WCF you have probably heard of the high production of the other car had only 407 km / h on TV just now…

The Stig will probably not get his hands on this Koenigsegg, not after the last time…

koenigsegg_ccxr_6.jpg koenigsegg_ccxr_7.jpg




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21 05 2008
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