Lexus LF-A Roadster European Debut in Geneva Motorshow

6 03 2008

At Lexus, ‘F’ is the name for exclusive high performance. Not that a fiery red extended super lightweight sports car, aggressive in stature and design, each hole clues for themselves. The LF-A concept roadster makes its European debut in Geneva this week, presents showgoers with a re-interpretation of the drop-top guise of the LF-A Concept Coupe.
The F-sport program overhauls numerous technological components, including the propulsion, suspension and braking system, a concept car, like every bit, as it is to exclude. The result: a highly-polished driver-oriented vehicle capable of high performance and handling precision.

Read mre(foto)!!!

Its design is largely attributed to Lexus’ L-finesse on the philosophy and the technical demands of a sophisticated, easy-performance vehicle. On the basis of the lightweight coupe, the Roadster retains structural stiffness and strength through the use of lightweight, but durable aluminum and carbon fiber panels.
A low-profile stance and short overhangs to an aggressive person and also improve aerodynamic flows, while the modified versions of the coupe concept front and side air intakes profile, based on the second single-seat racing car, aid cooling. Large refrigeration duct lattice stylize the back page, with a re-interpretation of the coupe’s “arrowhead”.
Under the bonnet, a compact V10 unit, placed in what engineers call the “front-middle” configuration, provides 500 hp of less than 5.0-liter capacity, driving the LF-A Roadster at speeds of over 200 mph. Off-the-line sprints are still unpublished.
Maximizing the cabin space, functionality and further weight to reduce number of components were refined and condensed. Therefore inside, where exclusivity is the key, a driver-focused environment reinforces space on a low-level console and support from sports seats and deep footwells. Stylish and exclusive touches an F-sport steering wheel, pedals floor hinged alloy and a unique instrument cluster.
lexus_lf-a_roadster_european_5.jpg lexus_lf-a_roadster_european_6.jpg



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17 04 2008
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19 09 2008

This car is awsome. It is so trendy. Looks awsome!

22 10 2009

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