Lotus Europa Gets Updates for Geneva Motorshow 2008

6 03 2008

Two years ago, Lotus used the Geneva Motor show to launch its new “Grand Touring model and is using this year’s event to launch a refreshed. Essentially a modification Elise, the Europa aims to address the shortcomings of the Elise. The Elise is a no compromise 2 automobile driver’s seat. It comes with a little comfort in the view that the comfort generally equals mass and weight is something small Elise does not have much of. This lack of weight is a crucial design is the key to “Eliseness”, which help cars sublime performance and road-holding ability.
Thus, the Lotus Europa is the answer to those seeking something a little more upscale and feasibility. It shares much with the Elise and its close cousin, the Opel VX220. The greenhouse is instantly recognizable as derived from Elise and the engine is taken straight from the VX220. To refresh this year, Opel 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder unit has been tweaked to provide additional hp and 25 bringing the total to 225bhp SE in shape. The couple is too, 300Nm.

Read more(foto)!!!
Acceleration times are impressive with a 0-96kph sprint reach 5.5 seconds and a top speed of over 225kph. Lotus will remain in the heart of the light ahead of their forthcoming Lotus Eagle headline model that should be revealed to the British Motorshow in July this year.

Click to see big foto!!!

lotus_europa_se_3.jpg lotus_europa_se_4.jpg




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