Spyker C8 Aileron Unveiled at Geneva autoshow

6 03 2008

Big news for a small company, Spyker have today its V8 powered C8 Aileron Grand Tourer.
The coupe is an aluminum body, dressed in an aluminum space-frame chassis. The building draws heavily from the front of Spyker-aero heritage as a part of the recording would not appear on an Airbus A320. Squint a bit from the back, and you would forgive that you are looking at a TVR Tuscan, but overall it is certainly interesting.
A wider track and a 10 inch longer wheelbase gives the Spyker almost a square space. Making Footprint are huge, that 19-inch BF Goodrich tires, wrapped around the turbine style (the aero heritage) 10 sheet spoke alloys. Only hides behind these alloys are considerable AP Racing brakes can be optioned to carbon-ceramic specification. Double wishbone suspension features front and rear.

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A sourced Audi 4.2L 5-valve per cylinder V8 churns a respectable 400hp, either a 6-speed Getrag gearbox or with a surcharge, a ZF 6 speed automatic gearbox.
The standard kit is enormous and includes xenon headlights and a Bluetooth audio system equipped with GPS and the i-Pod adapter. Do you expect a lot of leather in the cockpit. It is not cheap but with the manual comes at a snip at € 200000 and 207990 € in the car.
Keen to develop some racing heritage, Spyker area, two Spyker Laviolette’s GT2R in the years 2008 and 2009 Le Mans Series. Spyker is also the 24-hour classic of Le Mans. We wish them good luck.

spyker_c8_aileron_7.jpg spyker_c8_aileron_8.jpg spyker_c8_aileron_5.jpg spyker_c8_aileron_6.jpg



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