Toyota iQ Unveiled at Geneva

6 03 2008

The Toyota iQ, an incarnation of lateral thinking, made its debut in the world are forming in the production of this week Motor Show in Geneva. Expressing the values of intelligence, innovation and not less individuality, the iQ was born with a brief to quash the perception that “small is” basic, delivering a flexible and sophisticated space inside the city car market, and not sacrifice on urban mobility powers and the environment.
‘Quality’ rooted in its designation, the iQ is a “J-Factor” product, a term used by Toyota to describe products designed with Japanese style and uniqueness to international markets. From style to signify dynamism and robustness are fold lines and the characteristics marked. The wheels placed in each corner, the iQ has a super position, strengthened by its 16-inch alloy wheels and drive bumper.

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The small size of the bear haven spacial sophistication of consumers, intelligent packaging the result of a re-thinking positioning, and not just the size of a number of components. Partly thanks to the wheelbase iQ two metres, a clever interior space has been thought up, called “techno-organic”. Illustrated in the current console, the concept is the merging of “geometric precision” with “beauty inside. “Slim seatbacks contribute to the sense of space, while flexibility is provided through cubby holes, under-seat storage and 50:50 split rear seats. A 3 +1 seating arrangement suitable for three adults and one child or their luggage adds to the uniqueness of the car.
Designed to meet voluntary standards Japanese manufacturer of CO2 emissions of 140g/km by 2009, the iQ is expected to weigh in at only 100g/km, combined with unexpectedly high figures yet fuel. The iQ will begin production towards the end of the year, reaching UK showrooms in 2009, and expects to increase from 100000 units worldwide in its first year.

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toyota_iq_5.jpg toyota_iq_6.jpg toyota_iq_3.jpg




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27 03 2008

omg.. good work, guy

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