Audi A4 won Auto Award

10 03 2008

Further good news for the new Audi A4, after they won the Auto №1 Award. Auto 1 is voted for by readers of Auto Express magazine and its 26 European equivalents, as well as racing drivers and other experts. Total, in the arts to a group of about 40 million people are involved in the process. The car has its first Place in 9 countries, won an undisputed majority of the votes.
The new A4 customer has just begun deliveries to the United Kingdom to the open contracts in September of last year. Says one, a significant improvement in all aspects of his predecessor, the new exhibition offers A4 TFSI Engine 1.8, 3.0 TDI Quattro, while the models are 1.8 TFSI with 118kW and 3.0 TDI. UK before ordering a little open, there is a week, and deliveries will start in June.

We suspect that this price is not the last one, the car is becoming increasingly international.

The prices are as follows:
1.8 TFSI £ 19,890 / 26,090 €
Quattro 3.0 TDI S line OTR £ 32,445 / 42,559 €
Prior 1.8 TFSI SE 118kW OTR £ 22,600 / 29,645 €
Avant Quattro 3.0 TDI S line OTR £ 32800 / 43025 €




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