New British Keating Super Car Launch Next Month

11 03 2008

A new super-British car will be launched on April 23, St George’s Day, somewhere in the United Kingdom. Very little is known about the car, but we can tell you the name. Keating released two versions, stalking TKR Veyron model and a model called gran turismo SKR.


Initially, the car supposed to become a true multi-national project, but last year Keating past 9 months sourcing all components of the United Kingdom, companies making this new super car almost exclusively British.


The TKR will be built by hand on special order only and has more cars’ F1 ‘HP levels. Keating, in a press release made a dangerous statement, supposedly a prototype Bugatti Veyron TKR Keating beat the speed record for a test session closed. At the inauguration next month, if time permits, a new attempt might be made to the RAF close to the airfield.

The Keating SKR retains TKR body, but with a smaller engine, just 400 horsepower and has been set in such a way to make it a daily driver. The SKR is also being made to order and will be equipped with choice.

Prices and other details will be revealed most probably closer to the launch date.




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