New Opel Meriva Production Prototype in Finland (spy photo)

11 03 2008

Since last December, we saw Opel Meriva prototype carries the body of a shortened Ford Escape sport a new opening to the rear door. And now, just in the past week in Geneva, the Opel Meriva concept had its world premiere this new system presents Flex Door.
Certainly, the road to production version will be simplified and will lose its striking design cues, but overall, what you see in the concept, which come on the market, and that includes the Flex Door system. Here are the first pictures of a prototype of the form, as the production leads cold-weather tests on an area privately owned testing here in northern Finland. But do not let the wrong rear door handle fool you, as it is to deceive the attentive eye and peering camera lenses.

Read more(foto)!!!

With fierce competition in the European mini-MPV segment, Opel needs a unique feature to itself apart. Flex Door The system is not only cool if the two statements doors are open, but the one-off and the rear seats easier, especially for parents shop infants and young children. The new Meriva is expected go on sale in summer 2009.


opel_meriva_spy_2.jpg opel_meriva_spy_4.jpg




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