Porsche Panamera Entire Model Range (spy photo)

11 03 2008

Captured recently in the north of Sweden, the full range of the fourth Porsche model has been touted in one place. Due to its debut in Geneva next year, the Panamera is facing strong competitors such as the Mercedes CLS and Aston Martin Rapide. These are the first images showing the three models in the range Panamera: the “standard” Panamera with two pairs of rectangular exhaust pipes, the Panamera S tubes with two rounds each side and the Panamera Turbo equipped with the same output the “Standard” of the car, but with the largest air intakes in the front and sports split 5-spoke wheels with large cross-drilled brake discs.
The entry-level engine for the “standard” Panamera will be Volkswagen 3.5-liter six-cylinder unit developing 300 hp, while his own Porsche powerplant will be a eight-cylinder direct-injection petrol engine, available in naturally aspirated Covered (350 c.) for the “S” and with bi-turbo (560 hp). Shortly after its inception in 2009, the Panamera hybrid will be introduced.

More foto!!!
porsche_panamera_s_2.jpg porsche_panamera_s_3.jpg




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29 05 2008
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14 02 2009
jason konior


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