Speed Racer – The Movie. Watch the Trailer!

11 03 2008

Most people who have to look at cartoons, in particular in connection with the cars, are now also big fans of films such as “Matrix”. What if the man has had decided to film “Speed Racer” on the big screen? Well, that’s exactly what you see, the 9th May, when the Wachowski brothers released her latest project, Speed Racer, but you have not much more to expect them an overview of how the film. Here is the trailer!

In the movie Speed denied the adoption of a Royalton Industries is one of the drivers, which shows that in the competition, he assumes that most of them are manipulated in order to increase its profits.

The only way to beat the speed has Royalton is the race to win, which has killed his brother, Rex Racer. The name of the race is an idea, just what is expected Speed: The Crucible says. In order to win the race, the famous cartoon-driver team with a former adversary, Racer X

All the characters are caricatures, which Spritle and Chim Chim. Speed Racer is a caricature Neo? We have to wait until May 9 to check.




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