Volkswagen Robust/Taro’s – First Public Drawing !

11 03 2008

Volkswagen medium-sized pick-up has already made a few appearances disguised, first as a Toyota Hilux, and then, like a VW Caddy (actually, we are still trying to imagine what it would be with a Caddy Being solid rear axle…), but this is the first time it has been shown without disguise, and by official means. Not that this drawing shows a lot, but at least it gives us an indication of what the robust / Taro will look like.
The name of the pick-up could also have been disclosed to the Argentinian Expoagro fair, but all showed VW is already known: “The management of Volkswagen para el campo. Hecha en Argentina”, or “Volkswagen pick – up for the field. Made in Argentina “. Although it is called “Robust internal Pick-Up”, or UTD, it can also be called Taro, the name used by VW to sell a rebadged Hilux that has been done both by Volkswagen and Toyota, from 1989 until 1997 . Since it is a speculation, it can also be called anything else …

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Engines should be turbodiesels, but there may be gasoline powerplants if plans to export the pick-up in the United States get the green light. There will be a four-wheel drive of the new version of Taro and rumours are that the front wheel 2WD version will be hard, but we wager on a rear wheel drive pick-up, especially considering its size and the heavy task, it can be submitted. Sources state will be able to carry up to 1.5 tonnes.


Besides Taro (or Taro II), based on an SUV, it is also anticipated. It would be called Namib and would be an option at a lower cost for the Touareg, which helps to explain why the CAA has never been produced as presented. The Touareg is considered too expensive for emerging markets, and very sophisticated, even on the European markets.




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28 03 2008

Pick-Up by VW !!! I think it’s great!!!

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