Big Autocrash in Abu Dhabi – Dubai, 60 cars crashed (photo and video)

12 03 2008

In the United Arab Emirates was an automobile accident, the magnitude of which strikes. At the high-speed route have 60 cars. Many burnt and crashed cars, more than 300 people were seriously wounded. Contradictory evidence comes on the number of dead. According to the witnesses, the cause of this terror has become a dense fog. At least six people have been killed …


View more photo and video!!!

017_incedent.jpg 002_incedent.jpg 003_incedent.jpg 004_incedent.jpg 005_incedent.jpg 006_incedent.jpg 007_incedent.jpg 008_incedent.jpg 009_incedent.jpg 010_incedent.jpg 011_incedent.jpg 011_incedent1.jpg 012_incedent.jpg 013_incedent.jpg 014_incedent.jpg 015_incedent.jpg 016_incedent.jpg 018_incedent.jpg 019_incedent.jpg 020_incedent.jpg 021_incedent.jpg 022_incedent.jpg 023_incedent.jpg




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