2008 Lotus Exige GT3 – Race Debut In Australia

14 03 2008

Coming this weekend on the German Formula 1 Grand Prix is an updated Lotus Exige GT3. Even more than last year Lotus GT3 conceptual, the world’s fastest Lotus has a highly specialized 1.8-litre engine from the camp brought engine in the Exige S.
Bereitend the Exige for the 2008 competition in the GT championship, it was no easy task, with the engineers and mechanics often work 20 hour days in the off-season. Upgrades back to the car so important vote on the engine, improving performance 261kw and 305NM. Engineers have focused on reducing drag for the newly belebte’08 model. The new “extreme aerodynamic aids” should prove to be effective, with a lotus press release to mention that every 0.007Cd reduce the drag coefficient is 1.6 km / h adds speed of the car.

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Exige models have seen, their front sections increased with front-radiator inlets and outlets meant to offset the impact of longer and larger panels. The nose has also been extended by 3cm. Lotus’ Racer looks more like a fastback now, with the rear body parts 8cm a full back, 10 cm expanded, and by 3cm shorter.
Angelo Lazaris is the Lotus Exige GT3 in its second season. The Exige GT3 be in the public arena during the round three of the FIA GT Championship, which this weekend.

lotus_exige_gt3_3.jpg lotus_exige_gt3_4.jpg




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