Ferrari Stretched 360 – not Impressed

14 03 2008

Ferrari tuning, some see it as blasphemous, while some argue that everything, including super prancing pony cars, can be improved. Most companies tuning of the line of new tires, oversized rear spoilers of carbon fibers and body kits, but you can find stronger ‘tuned’ cars.
One of these cars is very stretched 2000 Ferrari 360 seats 8 people and is now for sale on eBay for 150,000 pounds (195000 euros). This is not a collector’s item, this is a case on its own and comes with two Web site customers and will cost 700 pounds per hour to rent. The eight-seat sport carbon fibre can be accessed through two enormous electrical gullwing doors.Ferrari headquarters, however, are not amused by this unique Ferrari and sent their lawyers to ask Dan Cawley, the current owner, to remove all the Ferrari 360 Modena and badges of the car. Reasoning at the base is that the 6 meter long limousine is no longer a reality and that Ferrari is infringing their copyrights.Cawley asked in return via TimesOnline: “What kind of precedent does it set when you can not do what you want with your property?”
ferrari_360_stretched.jpg ferrari_360_stretched_2.jpg




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11 04 2008
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[…] self-interest, and into cars, he showed a long unlikely vehicles. Because their creation, in 2000 Ferrari 360 stretch limousine, carbonyte engineers with a rich imagination has his own set of slides rulers of publicity […]

19 10 2008


1 01 2010
stinky #one

I think this is amazing when will it be in production

10 10 2011
Arif Raza

Aaaaaaaaaaaamazing 🙂

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