Iconic GTR Revealed Boasting more than 800hp

14 03 2008

Iconiques, all-American super exclusive car manufacturer, implies that he went to the future and see what a sports car should look, drive, and printing. The company is also concerned about its parade of RTM seems that it is on its bravado in the engine department.
This service provides, through its 6.9 litre V8 aluminium, a huge 800 bhp / 597kW at least, in a car pounding the scales at a mere estimation 2200 lb / 998 kg tare weight. According to our estimates, these statistics give a 0 to 62 mph sprint in less than 2 seconds! Iconic said more than 200 mph is possible in a quiet place like some freeway in the Pacific, outback, karoo or highway. Sounds manic? You betcha! And we love. We very much!

Read more(foto)!!!

Such is the attention to detail Iconic has RTM and finishes as switches dashboard are supposed to be jewelry-like finesse. The bling you see in these photos interior is stainless steel, and not a few small facts of brushed aluminum on the back of the factory.
We are not too sure what will become of the RTM, if it is indeed to be done, as 18 of its patent applications are pending in the United States of A. But the mere idea of this thing, the dream alone puts smiles on our anticipation faces. The production must be limited to 100, and therefore the prices are likely to be just as picky.

iconic_gtr_3.jpg iconic_gtr_4.jpg iconic_gtr_5.jpg




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