Alfa Romeo 8C Spider in Motion (releases video + photo)

17 03 2008

Topless pictures are always exciting, video, but they tend to be more popular. If you think that we are talking about women (which could also be done, but not here and not now), think again. This phrase is perfectly suitable to the new Alfa Romeo 8C Spider. We have already shown you all technical specifications, beautiful pictures and the video presentation at the Geneva Motor Show, but those who have watched this presentation may have noticed that, in the background, a good video, with the coupe and spider, was shown. Alfa Romeo took some ‘free time, but it is here.

In addition to beautiful images, which show a street meeting of the two versions of 8C in a wonderful setting. Magazines that have already had the chance to drive the car speculate the Spider will cost something above US $ 200000, or between £ 120000 and £ 130000.

Read more(foto)!!!
This high price tag is due to exclusivity and, of course, on what the machine can do. First of all, only 500 Spider units will be built. Last, but not least, her body is made of carbon fiber and powered by a 450 hp (at 7000 rpm) 4.7-litre V8, the engine, the same used for the coupe. Since these are the vehicles Alfa Romeo chose to return to the most important market of the automotive world, the United States, they may have nothing below these standards.

alfa_romeo_8c_spider_vid.jpg alfa_romeo_8c_spider_vid_2.jpg




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