New 2010 Toyota Supra Renderings

17 03 2008

BestCar magazine has provided a supply of what may become the 2010 version of the Toyota Supra. Three years ago, a Japanese Toyota executive working abroad has confirmed that Toyota had investigated the Nissan 350Z thoroughly and decided it was time to offer an alternative Toyota. What is currently unknown is whether this alternative is itself the Celica Supra, or the next, but Celica would more than likely because Toyota probably does not want canibalise buyers of the new Lexus LF-A.

Susceptibles to be powered by one or three engines, 3.7 V6, a smaller turbo (courtesy of the new alliance Toyota-Subaru), and a hybrid, the Supra / Celica record here has been numbered at between 350 and 400 hp (260kW – 298kW). This would make sense because the LF-A is a 500 hp engine. Now, if only they would make the darn thing and stop showing us all his concepts! In the meantime, if your turning Toyota FT-HS in the Supra / Celica thing?

Source: BestCar




7 responses

11 11 2008

How many more 350z do you see on the road now, than you did 300zx 10 years ago? I just can’t see this selling any better than the last Supra, and don’t forget they did stop production of that one, despite how awesome it was. This is a cool car, no doubt, but that doesnt mean people will buy it.

10 04 2009

well, its like the hyundai genesis!! i can’t find trace of the toyota’s MOVING FORWARD slogan in it… sorry..

13 10 2009

Wow it does look alot like the Hyundai Genesis, but with the current line up with toyota they phased out those racey cars for the environmental cars celica-replaced by the Prius and Yarius more fuel efficent cars helped make that slogan Moving Forward, I honestly dont foresee the Supra coming back what i could see is a Toyota Corrlla Coupe concept, Def.

29 10 2009

Its a nice car, ni mutoka mwega…
more supply in Africa, we can buy also.
Thanks to Toyota, great stuff as usual, thumbs up!!

19 12 2009

A pleasure to come to your site. Thanks very much!

13 07 2010

esta moy buena esta maquina sielos k bkn

3 05 2011
Irvin Bolduc

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