Vauxhall Reveal The Secrets Of Camouflage (+ offical spy photos Vauxhall Insignia)

19 03 2008

Vauxhall has a series of pictures spyware on the next Insignia a quick lesson for the maintenance of the vehicle drawings concealed the use of camouflage.
Although the computer-simulation tests and provides a wealth of information on how the prototype loaded in the real world is not really replace, the leadership of a new vehicle examination. This situation is the car for the prying eyes of the photographers and spyware may million people with the camera phone. To this Vauxhall employs a special team that deals with the developers and engineers to identify the most important aspects reviewers to hide.

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With a wooden model, the team is the habit of covering connection for the outdoor body parts, while the foam and the paper of aluminum used to the contours of the vehicle. The numerous attempts for the vehicles through the camouflage must remain in effect, the temperatures between minus 40 to plus 70 degrees Celsius. Other tricks of the profession include headlights special units that are not used, the cars on the production and brands to test the other vehicles.


Vauxhall before taking a lead in black-and-white checkered now the company took the fish in the form of models called “Fishies” confused the objectives of the camera. Soon, the company reflexive “Flimmies”, the effect of a flicker. The company also has special rules for the examination of vehicles, as drivers can not stop and park in public and cover a vehicle must always be on board.

The Vauxhall Insignia will debut July 22nd at the British Motor Show, and as always stay tuned to us for coverage of the unveiling.

vauxhall_insignia_secret_4.jpg vauxhall_insignia_secret_5.jpg




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