Massive Car Accident in Austria, 60 car pile-up highway A-1 linking Vienna and Salzbur (autocrash photos)

26 03 2008

About 60 cars were in a highway crash, killing one person and five others seriously injured in Austria yesterday.
The crash occurred on the A-1 highway linking Vienna and Salzburg, said a spokesman for the police in the province of Upper Austria. The person who died was a Spanish woman who lived in Switzerland, according to the police.

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“One person died and several others are still trapped in the wreckage of their cars,” he said.

“It is still too early to say what exactly caused the pile-up. But we had heavy snowfall this morning and the highway was covered in snow.”

The Austrian federation driving ÖAMTC said about 60 cars and trucks were in the stack, in which about 30 people were injured. Emergency services were called, the scene but the helicopter had to abort rescue attempt because of heavy snow.


The association said that it would be expected that the highway will be closed in both directions until the evening.

austrian_autocrash_a1_25-03-2008_map.gif austrian_autocrash_a1_25-03-2008_5.jpg austrian_autocrash_a1_25-03-2008_4.jpg austrian_autocrash_a1_25-03-2008_6.jpg austrian_autocrash_a1_25-03-2008_7.jpg austrian_autocrash_a1_25-03-2008_8.jpg austrian_autocrash_a1_25-03-2008_10.jpg austrian_autocrash_a1_25-03-2008_9.jpg austrian_autocrash_a1_25-03-2008_3.jpg

It’s the third most biggest auto accident in the past two months. Recent Posts:

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3 responses

26 03 2008
car stuff

This is a very sad accident. I think bad weather conditions always spoils meals.

29 03 2008

ohhhh fuck\

6 06 2008

What the hell does that mean car stuff, you are a loser!

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