Wow, Mercedes S-Class WALD Black Bison Edition Sports Line

26 03 2008

Article about WALD tuning Mercedes S-Class – Black Bison Edition (photos)
WALD has a hot-looking Mercedes-Benz S-Class-WALD special, for the W221. Bison called Black Edition sports Line, the car was for serious status seekers, all in black. WALD is known as one of the leading tuners in Japan, specializing in German marks.
Black forged wheels make the statement, along with other search skirts, front grille, side gills and rear air diffuser. No word on the official statistics, or power, it will be available, as they are by WALD. Even if stock standard 386 kW/525 hp high-tech engine, accelerates from zero to 100 km / h in 4.6 seconds, the maximum speed is electronically to 250 km / h, we do not mind. They will, however, agree that aggression seemed to be the main short, if you have this thing from inside to outside.

More foto!!!


mercedes_s-class_wald_black_bison_w221_3.jpg mercedes_s-class_wald_black_bison_w221_4.jpg mercedes_s-class_wald_black_bison_w221_5.jpg



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12 06 2009
Tuning: WALD 200 Land Cruiser SPORTS LINE Black Bison Edition (photos) « It’s your auto world :: New cars, auto news, reviews, photos, videos …

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21 02 2010

This car is a masterpiece!! I’m in LOVE with the ”hot” black look WALD gave it and the tuning is so awesome!! Paying real close to every detail was a huge bonus and I would DEFINITELY buy it!!
Two thumbs up!!

17 06 2010
eta beta alloy wheels

Mercedes Benz!! they really know how to build some hi-power autos, but for me personally I don’t think its has the personality like the 7 series BM. shame that BMW don’t do an M7, now that would be something!!!

2 12 2010
zeeshan andleeb

i love this car, it my dream car.
i ll get it one day

25 04 2011

If you feel like giving one away. Please consider me 😉

25 11 2012


22 10 2014
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gia xe ford thang 8 nam 2012

Wow, Mercedes S-Class WALD Black Bison Edition Sports Line | It’s your auto world :: New cars, auto news, reviews, photos, videos …

24 12 2014
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