Hamilton Will Receive $4m McLaren F1 LM for 2008 Title

28 03 2008

News: Lewis Hamilton will earn its 4 million US dollars in 2008 rewarded…
The young superstar Formula One driver who just finished the second year in the last championship was 2007, an additional incentive head of McLaren, Ron Dennis.


If Hamilton home, the driver and constructor championships in 2008 for McLaren, Ron Dennis provides for an extremely rare McLaren F1 LM to the gifted young British driver.

Apparently Lewis first spotted in the McLaren F1 LM factory about 10 years ago, at the time when he would have been only 13. He quoted saying, “When I first went to McLaren, it was there, and I fell in love with it.”


Painted in orange papaya in honor of the founder, Bruce McLaren, McLaren F1 LM is only one of five in existence. Illuminated by about 80 kg more than the standard F1 and rumors around 680hp from its 6.1L derestricted sourced BMW V12 engine accelerates the LM only to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds and go to a top speed well over 200 mph.

If a race McLaren driver is the incentive to win McLaren at the end of the season, is a Red Bull driver can provide an incentive for Red Bull? Just a thought.




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1 12 2008


8 07 2009
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