Mercedes A-Class 2009 Made a Redesign (photo)

28 03 2008

Article about redesign Mercedes A-class + pohto
Mercedes has announced that the new A-Class generation is his debut at Auto Mobil International Auto Show in Leipzig. Available this spring, the new generation is trying to become more attractive and more environmentally friendly than the previous version. Stop / start technology will be available on the A 150 and A 170, reduces fuel consumption by nine percent. The three-door A 160 CDI is an assessment of consumption 4.5 litres per 100 kilometres. All these developments have led to the A-Class an environmental certificate, a first for the small car class.


The exterior features new lights, flowing into the body, front and rear redesigned bumpers, a new grille and new tail lamps. Avant-garde models have a unique bumper with an arrow better shape. Elegance and Avantgarde models have 16-inch alloy wheels, while base models due with seven-spoke 15-inch wheels.

Read more (foto)!!!

Within the interior has been redesigned with better materials, such as higher grade upholstery fabrics and door panels. Updated audio and navigation systems with Bluetooth technology, an SD card slot and EU-wide coverage map. Other changes include a center console with a larger storage compartment and new cup holders. Smoke grey trim is standard, avant-garde models come with brushed aluminum and Elegance models are equipped with wood cutting.

mercedes_a_class_2009_3.jpg mercedes_a_class_2009_2.jpg mercedes_a_class_2009_5.jpg mercedes_a_class_2009_4.jpg




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