Official Release Geely GT Planned for China Auto Show

28 03 2008

Official release Geely GT
The 10th edition of the car show Auto China will kick off on April 20 at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. As is customary with all major car shows, new car rumors start to the day of the show sets the dates, and this time, Geely is in the spotlight.


Geely, known for their low-cost cars, is headed upmarket with the new GT Geely, also called the Geely Tiger. In a press release last week, Geely announced that they will make 23 models (and their derivatives) at the Auto China 2008 show, including Geely TG-1, A3, LG-3, FC-3, etc. and has two days previously issued a press release announcing the Chinese Geely GT Concept. Geely said: ‘The year 2008 holds great importance for the internationalization of Geely, strategic and comprehensive turn raising the competitiveness of the mark Geely. ”

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The Geely GT Concept is at the head of Geely display, along with 10 other models Geely. Speaker of Geely. Li Shufu said that the company will show a solid foundation and self-confidence, referring to 4, 9 meters long GT concept as a “small Rolls-Royce”, and comparing it to Lorus Elise.


Geely also explains the difference in the logo on the hood of the GT concept, saying that the future of high-end models would not be possible without one. This can only mean that Geely has a new brand in mind for its high-end customers, enabling the mark Geely to focus on low-end models. The Geely GT should be considered in the context of R & D activities development model.




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1 04 2008
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19 08 2008

wow i have to admit that i have never seen such a beautiful car is so gorgeous please keep me up dated with all news a bout this car.
tanx .

26 12 2009

i dont know why but it looks like a porsche, dindt it ?

28 12 2009

yes ^^ it looks like a strechet porsche…
grr i hate chinese cars

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