New 2009 Hummer H2 SUT Revealed (photo)

31 03 2008

New 2009 Hummer Capabel H2 SUT station at E85 fuel (auto news)
General Motors, with more than 3 million cars, leads the pack with regard to flex-fuel vehicles on American roads. Classic Chevrolet / HUMMER is the nation’s leading retailer Chevy truck and took upon themselves to provide their customers with a new, and the first retailer owned station E85 fuel.


“We sell a lot of trucks that can run on alternative fuels such as E85, and even if there was some greater availability, we need more E85 pumps where drivers could fill,” said general manager Charles Martin Classic. Currently, less than 1% of fuel stations throughout the United States offer E85.

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The general has vowed to double its production of flex-fuel capable, by 2010, and hopes to produce half of their cars with flex-fuel engines by 2012. In order to demonstrate their goodwill, GM brought the 2009 E85 capable H2 SUT for the ceremony, the H2, but will also be able E85. The Hummer H2 SUT is one of 15 FlexFuel vehicles and GM’s 2009 line-up.


HUMMER General Manager Martin Walsh say:

“We offer a biofuel powertrain in every model built by the end of 2010. A Hummer’s off-road capability and care for the environment are not mutually exclusive. This is simply another step forward in our commitment to promote responsible adventure. “

hummer_e85_capable_h2_sut.jpg hummer_e85_capable_h2_sut_4.jpg



8 responses

2 04 2008
belboula noureddine

indeed,its pride for General Motors and of all humanuty to drive such powerful and beautiful car.its amazing…………..

11 09 2008

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10 10 2008


29 10 2008
audio news

The Hummer is a nice suv, I wonder if GM is planning on coming out with a Hybrid Model to compete with the Escalade?

29 10 2008
auto man

I heard that General Motors executives last May canceled the CXX program — the planned replacements for the Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban and their siblings at GMC and Cadillac.

16 11 2008

I need $ 200.000, PLEASE…!!!!! for Ecuador.

22 01 2009

what a master piece,I love it.

21 05 2009

hi humer h2

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