Voisin Concept Supercar Create by Portuguese Designers

31 03 2008

Voisin Concept with diesel motor ?!
Voisin is a french automaker founded by one of the pioneers of aviation, Gabriel Voisin, which produced cars with the technology aircraft, as Knight-type sleeve valve engines, from 1919 to 1939. Unfortunately, it never came to life again, as Bugatti managed to do so, but perhaps the owners of the mark to decide to change this when they see the beautiful Voisin Concept, which was created by a design centre Portuguese, LusoMotors.


The main designer and founder of LusoMotors, Ernesto Freitas, CarBodyDesign.com said that since he has always loved classic cars french, he decided to recreate one of the most important. Voisin cars were the only ones that could compete with a Bugatti, at the time, hence the idea of creating a supercar cope with the Veyron.

Read more (foto)!!!

Although Voisin has an average surface, it would not beat the Bugatti on the runway because of engine, it was designed to use an engine V12 TDI, Audi, powerful, but not in a position to beat the 1001 Horse of W16 Veyron used by the product. Anyway, if owners Voisin decided to revive their brand of car, the machine created by Freitas would be a very good candidate for the premier.





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