New Chevrolet Beat (look at spy photo)?

1 04 2008

Auto news : Spy foto of testing new Chevrolet Beat ??!
Rumor that has been laying thick and fast before, in 2008 China’s automobile exhibition held in Beijing. First Geely’s GT, MPV and hatchback through to the grape, and today China’s automobile age has brought us some image looks very similar, Chevrolet beat concept cars.


GM beat one of the three concepts, including General Motors Corp. disclosed in the 2007 New York Auto Show. Later in the year, Shangri-La in the 2007 Auto Show, Chevrolet confirmed that the streets will be put into production, but only sold outside North America.
Daewoo was rumored Chevrolet beat / Chevrolet Matiz under his successor, but the second generation Matiz has only been on the market for a period of three years.

Read more (foto)!!!

Possible spy photo is a copy of the Chinese people on patrol in an attempt to beat patrol to the China market? Chery may have a new small car the sleeves, for example, unnamed small car to Australia and New Zealand.

Latest photo Chevrolet Beat:

chevrolet_beat_tefoto_4.jpg chevrolet_beat_tefoto_3.jpg




3 responses

8 05 2008

Of course Chevy is hesitating on selling it in the U.S. Typical stupidity, no wonder U.S. auto manufacturers are taking a beating.

15 05 2008

what a dork.. it’s called toyota yaris here in the u.s. so keep buying toyotas,, gm still makes money

8 07 2008

jess, its not a toyota yaris, its a chevrolet beat, please look at the front of the car, and Toyota is not a branch of GM so why would they make money off of Toyota’s stuff? your comment was rather irrelevent and basically pointing fingers in all directions with no intention of making a right choice.

the reason why chevy is hesitating in North America in general is because GM along with other North American manufacturers are strong believers in cross-overs (hence the new coming of the Dodge Journey, Jeep’s presistent… Jeeps, and Ford Flex). Toyota and Honda on the other hand are neck to neck with their Camrys and Accords while trying to promote small cars, such as Yaris and Fit. That is why chevy is hesitating, because they don’t want to loose the tug of war.

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